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You Are Now In The Twisted Tattoo Art Work Of Russell Parish.
Enjoy And Then Seek Counciling.......

Hello I built this site to reach out and share my work with the world.
I am very dedicated to Tattooing and love all forms of art.
From the Great words of a awsome man
"Its All About The Show" Sailor Moses
So it is my hope that I can reach out and touch your life and share my art work with you Enjoy .
"Never Forget Where You Came From"
Russell Parish

Check out the Phot Gallerys And I hope you enjoy this Site .
I am a firm beliver In good people Other than that the others arent worth Beleiveing in.
"Family The Tie That Binds"
Russell Parish

Tattoo designs online!

Click on Photos On This Page And You will Get to see some more work of mine on Body art Enzimes

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Sweat ,Pain ,Fear,Tears ,Blood,and
Love = ART "a small price to pay"
Russell Parish

Click Photo To See Tattoo Art on BME

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